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Virus and Spyware Removal:  We have 25 years experience dealing with virus and malware. Sometimes we have to admit defeat and resort to a complete system reset.    Useful Hint: Keep your software and serial numbers in a safe place, and do not let them leave the office. If we do have to re-install your software it will be much easier.

Data Backup and Recovery: Let us advise you on a backup plan that meets your needs. It is surprising how many computers are not backed up properly. Sometimes a combination of local and cloud backup works best.

Network Setup: Ease your mind and let us configure your networks for optimal performanceWe will make sure your wireless networks are secure, yet accessible.

VPN and Remote Access: Microsoft’s native remote access is extremely reliable and FREE, when combined with the internet and a Virtual Private Network. Let us install and configure your systems, so that you can work remotely with ease. Our clients love the Microsoft remote access. If you have more than one computer in your workplace, it is surprising how much easier life is when you can access these computer over the internet. Just like sitting at your main computer… No need to leave your cozy home when you can remote into the office and get your work done. Call us today to find out how to make your life more enjoyable, and your work time more productive.  Maybe you want to work remotely using your tablet or phone ? Not a problem.

Independent Advice: Are you frustrated dealing with your Rogers or Bell internet providers? Sometimes dealing with their technical resources can be challenging to say the least. Let us look after these issues and solve your connectivity issues. We can optimize your connections so that you can browse the internet with ease.

Service: Computers need to be maintained, just like your car. Periodic cleaning and tune up’s stop your systems from running SLOW. Your computer can be brought back to its original performance level.

Custom Software:  We can provide you with custom software solutions to suit your demanding needs. Please call for a free consultation.

Relocation:  Are you planning to relocate your office? This is a great chance to update and optimize your current network. This is a good time to consider upgrading your phones as well ? I work with an associate who can help…

Why should you deal with us?

-We are trustworthy and reliable.

-30+ years of experience , we know what to do.

-Local contact, do not have to deal with offshore resources.

-One Stop Shop, because of our contacts we bring more than IT to the table.

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Phone 613-724-9954